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Lawrence Cheong
Jun Bo

Co-founder & Director of C3 Lab

Wei Loon

World Pastry Champion


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Lawrence Cheong Jun Bo - Co Founder & Director of C3 Lab

Lawrence Cheong Jun Bo - Co Founder & Director of C3 Lab

Chocolate Display Competition Style(4th - 6th November 2022)
Chef Lawrence will be coming with his unique competition style chocolate display workshop.
One of the finest Pastry chef from Malaysia who travels round the world, train pastry chefs and provide consultancy. He is the co-founder & Director of C3 Lab , a unique Pastry boutique and Production Kitchen.
Jean-François Arnaud - MOF Patissier

Jean-François Arnaud - MOF Patissier

Modern French Pastries, Cakes and Travel Cakes (4th - 6th November 2022)
Combination of classic French cakes and pastries in the most advance presentable way and techniques.
Jean Francois Arnaud is an International consultant in Pastry & Bakery since 2006. He is based in Malaysia from where he travels all over Asia and Middle East to conduct training and workshops for professional pastry chefs. He is MOF 2000 which mean the best Craftsman of France. He has been associated with best Pastry chefs and publications of the world like Thuries Gastronomie Magazine for whom he created monthly recipes for 10 years, Bakery & Pastry Magazines Asia & North America.
Wei Loon Tan - World Pastry Champion

Wei Loon Tan - World Pastry Champion

Competition Style Sugar Display (4th - 6th November 2022)
Learn boiling, colouring, casting, pulling and blowing techniques to make a 3 dimensional display
Chef Tan is World Pastry Champion 2019 (Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie), Asian Pastry Champion 2018 and 2014, undisputedly one of the best pastry chefs in Asia. He is APCA Malaysia Director of Pastry Studies. He has represented the Malaysian National Team in many International Pastry competitions. His special skills are Modern French Pastries, Sugar Art, Airbrush techniques, Chocolate Display and Chocolate and Praline making. He competed for Coupe du Monde 2015 Sirha and ranked 4th in the World. He is the coach of Malaysian National Team competing in World Pastry Cup 2017 Lyon. Chef Tan travels all over the world conducting workshops for Pastry schools and Pastry Professionals.
04Vincent Guerlais
Vincent Guerlais - Master Pastry Chef

Vincent Guerlais - Master Pastry Chef

Specialty French Pastries & Montage (7th - 9th November 2022)
Owner of the “Vincent Guerlais Patisserie” Vincent Guerlais’ passion was revealed when he started cooking for his family. Even then, he had a liking for sweet things. That fondness took shape when he performed his first pastry training courses. From then on, he went on a training course and passed his vocational training certificate in Confectionery and Chocolate making. To perfect his apprenticeship, Vincent Guerlais became hardened around the best French confectionners. When he was 22, Vincent Guerlais decided to create his own patisserie with his wife at his side. They landed in Nantes, at 11 Rue franklin
05Christophe Morel
Christophe Morel - Master Chocolatier

Christophe Morel - Master Chocolatier

Chocolate, Praline & Confection(7th - 9th November 2022)
His taste in creating chocolate and praline is very unique. He will work on fudges, nougat and marshmallow as well.
Christophe Morel comes from France where, not surprisingly, he was born into a family of pastry chefs. At a young age, he took up the family passion in order to become a master chocolatier. You could say chocolate is in his blood.

Today, he is an internationally acknowledged chocolate artisan, whose overarching passion for chocolate, gift for harmonising flavours, and startling creativity have propelled him to centre stage. As a result, many prestigious prizes have come his way: Canadian National Chocolate Awards winner, 2003; first prize for chocolate at the Coupe du monde de la pâtisserie in Lyon, France, 2005; declared 4th in the world at the Paris World Chocolate Masters in 2005.

He was also a finalist for the prestigious title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF), awarded to craftspeople who have reached the summit of their art.

As owner of his own chocolaterie since 2005, he has become one of the most passionate ambassadors for chocolate in the world.
Alain Chartier - MOF Glacier

Alain Chartier - MOF Glacier

Ice cream, Gelato & Sorbet(7th - 9th November 2022)
"Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Glacier" (Best French Ice cream Worker) in 2000, World Champion of frozen desserts in 2003, his world will rock you with unexpected verrines, entremets, frozen snacks and "tart'ices".
Alain Chartier began the profession of pastry chef by apprenticeship in 1988. As a true enthusiast, he seeks to discover cooking with passages abroad at Paco Torreblanca MAPE and in Brussels at Marc Debailleul MOF He created his own company “FMR l 'iced art' in Vannes in 1997, a way for him to finance competitions at first: the Pastry World Cup in 1999, the MOF Glacier competition in 2000 then the Ice Cream World Cup in 2003, he won at each time these competitions.
Aurélien Trottier - Master Pastry Chef

Aurélien Trottier - Master Pastry Chef

Selection of French Pastries & Cakes(7th - 9th November 2022)
Aurélien Trottier's gourmet creations combine authenticity and originality. He likes to play with textures to create delicate and balanced pastries.
Winner of the Taste and Health Prize in 2008 This competition allows each year to distinguish craftsmen who favor in their manufacturing process elements aimed at improving the well-being of consumers, while preserving the nutritional qualities and flavor of the products. Member of Relais Desserts International which brings together the world elite of high pastry. Passionate about training, Aurélien has been a trainer at the ENSP (National School of Pastry) in Yssingeaux since 2009. Winner of the Maine-et-Loire economy challenge in the business creation category.
02Emmanuel Forcone – Copy
Emmanuele Forcone - World Pastry Champion

Emmanuele Forcone - World Pastry Champion

Entremet & Petit Gateau (7th - 9th November 2022)
Entremets class will take you through the theory and different techniques behind the preparation of beautiful and attention-grabbing entremets.
Chocolate Figurines & Montage(10th - 12th November 2022)
Beautiful chocolate figurine for festival, pastry shops and take aways.
Entremet & Petit Gateau
Chocolate Figurine & Montage
He started out to become a chef but after a confectionery course, he steered his professional career towards pastry. In those moments, he could not imagine that in a few years he would become one of the best ambassadors of Italian pastry thanks to his work as a consultant and a regular spot on the podium of the Pastry World Cup (silver medal in 2011 and Gold medal in 2015). His way of working with chocolate and sugar have given him international fame, and in his school of artistic sugar, there are many students who aspire to become champions someday.

  • 2011 – Silver medal in the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie
  • 2015 – Gold medal in the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie
Joaquin Soriano - Head Chef / Co Founder of CJSJ

Joaquin Soriano - Master Pastry Chef

Gourmet Cakes & Pastries for Pastry Shop (10th - 12th November 2022)
Chef Joaquin has many years of experience in the Michelin restaurant, accepting the training of the orthodox French West Point. The strength and infinite creativity of the company have been completely changed every two months since its establishment. It’s a long time to meet CJSJ.
Richard Hawke - International Pastry Consultant

Richard Hawke - International Pastry Consultant

ADAPT: Gluten Free, Lactose Free & Vegan (10th - 12th November 2022)
Healthier and lighter pastries with balanced of flavour amd texture on concept of Gluten Free, Lactose Free & Vegan.
After working for 4.5 years at ENSP (Alain Ducasse Education establishment) in Yssingeaux, France, then moving internationally to open various pastry shops. Richard is now an international pastry consultant giving masterclasses world-wide. Based in France, and working with both Chocolat Weiss and Capfruit companies Richard presents his masterclass with a range of petits gateaux and tarts.
Paul Occhipinti - MOF Chocolatier

Paul Occhipinti - MOF Chocolatier

Chocolate, Pastry and Modern Confiserie (10th - 12th November 2022)
Paul Occhipinti, a young and talented pastry chef of Sardinian origin who on May 13, 2019 received the title of MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier De France) from the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron, at the Sorbonne in Paris. Paul Occhipinti distinguished himself in the competition for technique, innovation, aesthetics, effectiveness and taste. His career began in a small boulangerie and then crossed over to national competitions such as The World Trophy of Pastry Ice Cream Chocolate in 2015. He is currently Pastry Sous Chef at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Cap D'Antibes. “Now that I am also MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France), my next wish is first of all to continue studying and to be able to pass on to others what I have made mine and to encourage them to do more, to find new ideas and solutions. Knowing without sharing is useless. Becoming an MOF is the beginning of my journey, not its conclusion. "
05Sebastien Chevallier
Sébastien Chevallier - MOF Baker

Sébastien Chevallier - MOF Baker

Artisan Bread & Viennoiserie (13th - 15th November 2022)
Learn about preferment, sour dough, artisan breads, lamination and filling the most french classic way
He watched his mother bake—who was a baker then—and fell in love with the art. Every knead filled his heart, and he was spurred, inspired by his mother to take on baking as a profession. At a tender age of 15, Chef Chevallier began his first entourage as an apprentice for a local bakery, Deschamp (named after the owner). There, he picked up the basics and left for another bakery two years later. Four years in the next bakery, Chef Chevalier knew he had to hone his skills further. He signed up for several National contests in France, and was awarded Vice Champion de France de Boulangerie in 2009, and took down second in his first European Championship as Vice Champion d’Europe de Boulangerie. This spurred him on to join more competitions when he finally won the European Championship in 2010, emerging as Champion d’Europe de Boulangerie. And in the short span of a year, he attained the title of MOF.
07Martin Lippo
Martin Lippo - Avant Garde Chef

Martin Lippo - Avant Garde Chef

Molecular Gastronomy(13th - 15th November 2022)
Learn spherification, Liquid Nitrogen, Espuma, Gelification techniques
Specialist in new techniques and culinary technologies, he is an international advisor for the most varied companies in the world of gastronomy. He has a deep dedication for research that has led him to several collaborations with firms such as 100×100 chef or SOC Export among others and to teach courses in different Asian countries. Thanks to his solid background training he is very versatile in his creations, although he has developed his career more in culinary applications with nitrogen as a tool and with vacuum cooking. He currently offers his wide range of services in counseling and training through his classroom Vakuum by Martin Lippo and the Nitro School.