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Kanjiro Mochizuki (Japanese Master Pastry Chef)

Kanjiro Mochizuki (Japanese Master Pastry Chef)

Japanese French Pastries and Classic (13th - 15th Nov 2018)
Learn different types of pastries with a touch of Japanese sponges and French flavours.
Chef Kanjiro Mochizuki is a world famous, Japanese Executive Pastry Chef and also teaches pastry techniques at noted culinary schools in Japan. Chef Mochizuki started his career in Japan after finishing high school and has spent stints in the US. At the World Pastry Team Championships in 2002, Chef Mochizuki won the award for Best Sugar Showpiece before serving as the Japanese team manager at the same competition in 2010; tough credentials for any Asian pastry chef to beat.
Frederic Moreau
(5-Star Pastry Ambassador)

Frederic Moreau (5-Star Pastry Ambassador)

Fine Dining Plated Desserts (1st - 3rd Nov 2018)
You will be learning an arrangement of one or more components. All the components needed including mousses, meringues, ice creams and sorbets, cookies, dough, cake layers, pastry cream, and dessert sauces are used to make a presentation that is more than the sum of its parts.
I started back in 1992 working for a local bakery. I grew up in the south of Paris, and my background was in retail shops before I moved to the U.S.I moved to the U.S. to learn how to speak English, I worked in Paris for Chef Nicola Bussa, who connected me with Chef Frederic Montti, I worked for him for two years at the Ritz Carlton in Naples, Florida.I moved to Laguna Beach, California to work for the St. Regis with Chef Stephan Crion where I had the opportunity to move to Tokyo for a year. Chef Stephan was consulting for the opening of a new pastry shop and I was hired to make the production of cakes and pastries.When my time was up in Tokyo, I went back to the U.S. to work for the Park Hyatt. I also worked for Edward Notter School in Orlando, Florida. I was in charge of the development of the Pastry Programs, but the project didn’t last long. So, I ended up moving back to California to work for the St. Regis for a couple years, before I decided that my life needed a new challenge and that is when I decided to move to Beijing.
Gregory Doyen
(Executive Pastry Chef)

Gregory Doyen (Executive Pastry Chef)

Boutique High Tea (1st - 3rd Nov 2018)
In this class, you will learn to make your own afternoon tea, including a range of pearl signature, stone collection, tarts, choux paradise and tea cakes.
Chef Gregory Doyen takes his first steps in the trade at Lafay Cake Shop in Lyon, the city where he also obtained his professional diploma. He moves to Paris to become part of Guy Martin’s team at the three Michelin star Le Grand Vefour. His international adventure began at the Grand Lisboa in Macau as Sugar Decorator, and a year later he joined the luxury catering company, Potel et Chabot, as decorator. Since the summer of 2014, he has been working as a consultant for numerous brands in Russia and abroad for his own company, GD Sweet Concept. Gregory Doyen is currently Executive Pastry Chef at the most luxurious hotel in Taipei, the Mandarin Oriental, where he is in charge of the Madarin Cake Shop, breakfast, private events, afternoon tea as well as bakery. My creations are a combination of aesthetics and the right flavours. For me, pastry should create an impact on the guest upon the first impression. It has to be visually attractive at first. Then the flavours will slowly emerge to complete the whole experience.
Stephane Treand

Stephane Treand (MOF)

Chocolate Display with Airbrush (4th - 6th Nov 2018)
Chocolate Display with airbrush- you will assemble a stunning showpiece of your own for competition and display. Casting, sculpting, assembling and decorating of your own chocolate display with airbrush coloring.
Stéphane Tréand is a French pastry chef from Brignoles, France, Meilleur Ouvrier de France recipient, pastry instructor, and restaurateur residing in California, USA. Tréand's career began in a bakery in Northern France when he was sixteen years old. While apprenticing at the local shop, he attended pastry courses one week per month in Vincennes, Paris. He worked in several bakeries and shops in Paris, opened his own shop in 1989. The Pâtisserie Tréand, his shop, was located in Brignoles in Provence, South of France. In 1994, while running his shop, he became a Pastry Teacher at the CFA of St. Maximin. He continued to mentor apprentices at the ENSP, a national pastry school in Yssingeaux, France. He sold his shop in 2001 to devote more time to teaching and winning the Meilleur Ouvrier de France, the highest honor given by the President of France to craftsmen. In 2004, he gained the title. While doing a demonstration as a guest in Las Vegas in 2004, The Four Season's offered him a position as their pastry chef. In 2005, he accepted and assumed the role in Resort in Newport Beach, California. The St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, CA became his next destination as he held the title of Executive Pastry Chef there. In 2012, Tréand resigned from the position and went on to found The Pastry School in San Clemente. He is one of four MOFs residing in the United States. Tréand founded the ST Patisserie restaurant in 2014, and ST Chocolat in 2015. Tréand founded The Pastry School in 2012 in San Clemente, California. He relocated the school in 2015 to Costa Mesa, California. He is currently the Executive Chef Consultant for Occitanial in Tokyo, Japan.
Vincent Guerlais

Vincent Guerlais (Chocolatier)

Signature Selection (4th - 6th Nov 2018)
Signature selection festival and Christmas season-learn how to make a fruit cake baking skills and how to achieve beautifully smooth marzipan and icing. Classic and novelty decorations will also be demonstrated and practiced to create a stunning centerpiece for your Christmas table or any occasion.
AWARDS du Meilleur Chocolatier de France Lauréat 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 et 2012 Prix décerné par l’association des Croqueurs de Chocolat 5 tablettes en 2013

Meilleur Pâtissier de Bretagne 2009 décerné par le guide PUDLO
Sebastien Bouillet
(Gourmet Pastry Chef)

Sebastien Bouillet (Gourmet Pastry Chef)

Pies, Cakes and Nibbles (4th - 6th Nov 2018)
Learn how to make & roll pie dough, making custard and bite sized pastries and cakes.
Pastry chef and chocolatier at the Maison Bouillet founded in 1977, and owner of 9 shops in Lyon, and of several corners in Japan. Member of the Relais Desserts International association.

Your idea of the French Touch? Remixing an iconic pastry in your own way, with a gentle wave of your magic wand.

Your style? Everything that inspires me gets thrown into the blender, for an end result with a dash of humour!

Your French Touch tip? Watch, read, learn, discuss, share, and above all travel, to get out of your comfort zone.
Emmanuele Forcone
(World Pastry Champion)

Emmanuele Forcone (World Pastry Champion)

Sugar Display (7th - 9th Nov 2018)
Sugar Display- Students are introduced to various sugar techniques such as pastillage, saturated sugar, pulled sugar (e.g., ribbons and flowers), blown sugar (spun, piped, bubble, straw) to create three-dimensional shapes, and poured sugar to create a variety of showpieces. Students will use a given theme to design and build a sugar as well as a chocolate showpiece.
He started out to become a chef but after a confectionery course, he steered his professional career towards pastry. In those moments, he could not imagine that in a few years he would become one of the best ambassadors of Italian pastry thanks to his work as a consultant and a regular spot on the podium of the Pastry World Cup (silver medal in 2011 and Gold medal in 2015). His way of working with chocolate and sugar have given him international fame, and in his school of artistic sugar, there are many students who aspire to become champions someday.

  • 2011 – Silver medal in the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie
  • 2015 – Gold medal in the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie
Angelo Musa

Angelo Musa (MOF)

Signature Selection Plaza Athenee (7th - 9th Nov 2018)
Revisits the great classic of French patisseries without ever losing sight of the perfect balance required between flavours and textures
Angelo Musa is the executive pastry Chef at the famous Plaza Athénée on avenue Montaigne. After having twice turned down the position, he finally accepted the appointment by Alain Ducasse, chef of the Plaza Athenée’s three star restaurant. He is one of very few chefs to have been elected both Pastry World Champion and Meilleur Ouvrier de France MOF (Best Craftsman in France). He was a participant in the ‘Patisserie des Rêves’’s project, a pastry shop we can also enjoy in Japan. I had the chance to interview him.
Christophe Morel
(Master Chocolatier)

Christophe Morel (Master Chocolatier)

Bean to Bar and Panning Chocolate (7th - 9th Nov 2018)
Bean to bar and panning chocolates- talk about chocolate - from growing cacao and issues related to sustainability, to processing, production and flavor in chocolate making, to the recipe work that leads to delectable products created by chocolatiers

Chocolate Sculpture and Modelling (10th - 12th Nov 2018)
Chocolate sculpture- You will discover and practice the new modeling technique of cold emulsion, working with chocolate as you would clay. You will use a knife and learn to carve your showpiece.
Bean to Bar and Panning Chocolate (7th - 9th Nov 2018) Chocolate Sculpture and Modelling (10th - 12th Nov 2018)
Christophe Morel comes from France where, not surprisingly, he was born into a family of pastry chefs. At a young age, he took up the family passion in order to become a master chocolatier. You could say chocolate is in his blood.

Today, he is an internationally acknowledged chocolate artisan, whose overarching passion for chocolate, gift for harmonising flavours, and startling creativity have propelled him to centre stage. As a result, many prestigious prizes have come his way: Canadian National Chocolate Awards winner, 2003; first prize for chocolate at the Coupe du monde de la pâtisserie in Lyon, France, 2005; declared 4th in the world at the Paris World Chocolate Masters in 2005.

He was also a finalist for the prestigious title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF), awarded to craftspeople who have reached the summit of their art.

As owner of his own chocolaterie since 2005, he has become one of the most passionate ambassadors for chocolate in the world.
Johann Martin (Executive Pastry Chef)

Johann Martin (Executive Pastry Chef)

Advanced Petit Gateau for Pastry Shop (7th - 9th Nov 2018)
Advanced Petit Gateau- learn a style of pastry that encompasses all of the elements of an entremet or mousse cake (varying textures, flavors and components), but in an individual portion

Art of Viennoiserie and Laminated Dough (10th - 12th Nov 2018)
Art of viennoiserie & laminated dough – learn how to make baked goods made from a yeast-leavened dough in a manner similar to bread, or from puff pastry, but with added ingredients giving them a richer, sweeter character, approaching that of pastry.

Advanced Entremet for Pastry Shop (13th - 15th Nov 2018)
Adv Entremet- Learn how to make a modern French pastries with different flavorings.
Advanced Petit Gateau for Pastry Shop (7th - 9th Nov 2018) Art of Viennoiserie and Laminated Dough (10th - 12th Nov 2018) Advanced Entremet for Pastry Shop (13th - 15th Nov 2018)
Professor of Bellouet Conseil and education advocate deeply rooted in the reality of a business. A brilliant professor of the Bellouet Conseil School in Paris, Johan Martin does not doubt in saying that a professional pastry chef must have five qualities: courage in a demanding profession, curiosity to keep learning, gourmandise to enjoy what is done, generosity to share learning and pedagogy to successfully transmit knowledge. Some highlights from their courses in Bellouet are its commitment to practicality, with messages very close to the reality of a business.

  • 2007 – Second place at the Artistic Sugar Competition (Lyon)
  • 2009 – Professor at the school Bellouet Conseil
  • 2012 – Publication of his book ‘Top Dessert’
Arnaud Larher (MOF)

Arnaud Larher (MOF)

French Pastries and Cakes (10th - 12th Nov 2018)
Learn how to make some French rich pastries with a filling of fruit or custard.
He’s been called the “Star of Montmartre,” and one look through the window of Arnaud Larher’s superb shop on rue Caulaincourt leaves no doubt as to why.

The huge selection of exquisite macarons, pastries and chocolates are presented in soft, radiant light that brings out the master’s attention to detail and the quality of the ingredients used. These treats are nothing short of small works of art.

Luxury hot chocolate is available here in chocolate vanilla, chocolate orange, bittersweet chocolate and chocolate cinnamon.

The up-and-coming Larher previously worked at Dalloyau and Fauchon before opening his own store.

Awarded the distinction of Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2007, he is rapidly developing a loyal following of fans around the world.
Jean Francois Arnaud (MOF)

Jean Francois Arnaud (MOF)

Dessert Buffet, Petit Fours and Savouries (10th - 12th Nov 2018)
Learn the tricks to creating delicious Petit Fours and savoury with this exciting hands-on class. Learn the different types of Petit Fours. Jelly, buttercream, mousse, ganache and glazing.
Jean Francois Arnaud is an International consultant in Pastry & Bakery since 2006. He is based in Malaysia from where he travels all over Asia and Middle East to conduct training and workshops for professional pastry chefs. He is MOF 2000 which mean the best Craftsman of France. He has been associated with best Pastry chefs and publications of the world like Thuries Gastronomie Magazine for whom he created monthly recipes for 10 years, Bakery & Pastry Magazines Asia & North America.
Sebastien Chevallier (MOF)

Sebastien Chevallier (MOF)

Artisan Breads and Sourdough (13th - 15th Nov 2018)
Learn how to incorporate the science behind the chemical reactions of the ingredients and use them to create the most optimal environment for the bread to develop.
Toni Rodriguez (Vegan Chef)

Toni Rodriguez (Vegan Chef)

Vegan and Eggless Desserts (13th - 15th Nov 2018)
Vegan Chef will introduce you to some wonderful vegan ingredients and guide you in your quest to master Vegan Baking. From chocolate nutty cookies to sticky toffee puddings
Toni Rodríguez is the chef and co-founder of the most innovative, delicious patisserie within the vegetable cuisine world. Haute patisserie for innovative desserts and true caprices for the palette. Recipes without ingredients from animals or that cause animal suffering along the way, this chef makes true wonders at the patisserie Lujuria Vegana (Vegan Lust).

Healthy desserts with fewer calories, totally cholesterol-free and vegan with conviction. He currently lives and works in Palma de Mallorca as executive chef at Bon Lloc. Because vegans do not live from lettuce and tofu alone!

“In 2003, I became vegetarian for ethical reasons, and a year later, I decided to become vegan. I had never had any type of relationship with the culinary world until I joined the fruit and vegetable spectrum. I was shaking with panic when I thought I would have such a small variety to eat. But when I had to search for vegan recipes on the Internet, I realised I had thousands of different dishes to cook, and that I could make a different one every day.

I started working at restaurants as an assistant, observing everything around me to learn. Since there was not much in the way of vegan patisseries, I decided to practise and research in depth in order to find out all about techniques and make vegan cakes. This is where Lujuria Vegana came from in 2006. I have been chef at several restaurants, and now I have the Lujuria Vegana patisserie in Barcelona.”
Frederic Hawecker (MOF)

Frederic Hawecker (MOF)

Chocolate, Praline and Candy Making (16th - 18th Nov 2018)
Chocolate, Praline - In this class you will make individual chocolates and pralines in an assortment of flavours. Learn about chocolate theory as well as basic techniques to creating moulded and enrobed chocolates.
Frédéric Hawecker, after having practiced through France as “a compagnon du devoir” during 7 years, worked as an assistant to the ENSP training staff in Yssingeaux for 1 year. During this time, he started the high level competitions:

  • 2000- trophée Pascal Caffet (1rst Price)
  • 2001-Nantes serbotel, 2nd (qualification grand prix international de chocolaterie Sibenaler)
  • 2002- 1rst artistic price  grand prix international de chocolaterie Sibenearsaler and other regional compétitions in chocolat like Annecy, Marignane, Dijon….
  • 2007-finalist MOF chocolatier
  • 2011-finalist Mof chocolatier et laureate
In 2002, whith his brother Guillaume, he takes over a centenarian Pastry-Chocolate shop in Chateaurenard, a city in the heart of Provence.

Frédéric also works as a consultant for the Chocolaterie de l’Opéra also situated in Chateaurenard, a Partner since his beginnings in 2002.

With them, he presents many démonstrations across the word (Middle Est, Asie, Europe…). Expert in the preparation of the ganaches and technology, he acts as a consultant for firms for the development of new products or the improvement of existing receipes.

Frédéric also teaches in Professional schools in France and through the world.
Joaquin Soriano (Head Chef)

Joaquin Soriano (Head Chef)

Nouvelle French Pastries (16th- 18thNov 2018)
Nouvelle French Pastries- Be amazed with new trends of French Pastries and learn different techniques of assembling.
Chef Joaquin has many years of experience in the Michelin restaurant, accepting the training of the orthodox French West Point. The strength and infinite creativity of the company have been completely changed every two months since its establishment. It’s a long time to meet CJSJ.
Martin Lippo (Molecular Cuisine Chef)

Martin Lippo (Molecular Cuisine Chef)

Advanced Technique in Pastry (16th - 18th Nov 2018)
Learn the scientific discipline concerned with the physical and chemical transformations of desserts.

Molecular Technique in Culinary (19th - 21st Nov 2018)
Incorporates the social and artistic components focused on food production on an industrial scale, nutrition and food safety.
Advanced Technique in Pastry (16th - 18th Nov 2018)
Molecular Technique in Culinary (19th - 21st Nov 2018)
Specialist in new techniques and culinary technologies, he is an international advisor for the most varied companies in the world of gastronomy. He has a deep dedication for research that has led him to several collaborations with firms such as 100×100 chef or SOC Export among others and to teach courses in different Asian countries. Thanks to his solid background training he is very versatile in his creations, although he has developed his career more in culinary applications with nitrogen as a tool and with vacuum cooking. He currently offers his wide range of services in counseling and training through his classroom Vakuum by Martin Lippo and the Nitro School.
Han Lei (China National Senior Technician)

Han Lei (China National Senior Technician)

Bread Display (19th- 23rdNov 2018)
Learn the technique of building and sticking different part of your display
(China National Senior Technician)
Joakim Prat (Pastry Chef)

Joakim Prat (Pastry Chef)

Art of Exclusive Eclairs (22nd- 24thNov 2018)
Art of exclusive eclairs- Learn different eclairs filled with varied delicious creams and decorated with various toppings to create the most stunning visual treats.
Top pastry chef Joakim Prat, who came to London to take on the role of Joël Robuchon's Head Pastry Chef at L'Atelier, before moving on to Mayfair's The Greenhouse. Joakim held the same position at Can Fabes in Barcelona, meaning that Maître Choux has a three Michelin star-experienced chef at the helm! Choux pastry is a light dough that rises in the oven, leaving the inside soft and hollow and the outside golden and crispy. A staple of every patisserie in France, it is a very malleable yet simple bakery base. In the hands of Joakim, it is transformed into something quite extraordinary.