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Kanjiro Mochizuki (Japanese Master Pastry Chef)

Japanese French Pastries and Classic
Japanese French Pastries – learn different types of pastries with a touch of Japanese sponges and French flavours.
Frederic Moreau
(5-Star Pastry Ambassador)

Frederic Moreau (5-Star Pastry Ambassador)

Fine Dining Plated Desserts
Plated dessert- you will be learning an arrangement of one or more components. ... All the components needed—including mousses, meringues, ice creams and sorbets, cookies, dough, cake layers, pastry cream, and dessert sauces—are used to make a presentation that is more than the sum of its parts.
I started back in 1992 working for a local bakery. I grew up in the south of Paris, and my background was in retail shops before I moved to the U.S. I moved to the U.S. to learn how to speak English, I worked in Paris for Chef Nicola Bussa, who connected me with Chef Frederic Montti, I worked for him for two years at the Ritz Carlton in Naples, Florida. I moved to Laguna Beach, California to work for the St. Regis with Chef Stephan Crion where I had the opportunity to move to Tokyo for a year. Chef Stephan was consulting for the opening of a new pastry shop and I was hired to make the production of cakes and pastries. When my time was up in Tokyo, I went back to the U.S. to work for the Park Hyatt. I also worked for Edward Notter School in Orlando, Florida. I was in charge of the development of the Pastry Programs, but the project didn’t last long. So, I ended up moving back to California to work for the St. Regis for a couple years, before I decided that my life needed a new challenge and that is when I decided to move to Beijing.
Gregory Doyen
(Executive Pastry Chef)

Gregory Doyen (Executive Pastry Chef)

Boutique High Tea
In this class, you will learn to make your own afternoon tea, including a range of pearl signature, stone collection, tarts, choux paradise and tea cakes.
Stephane Treand

Stephane Treand (MOF)

Chocolate Display with Airbrush
Chocolate Display with airbrush- you will assemble a stunning showpiece of your own for competition and display. Casting, sculpting, assembling and decorating of your own chocolate display with airbrush coloring.
Vincent Guerlais

Vincent Guerlais (Chocolatier)

Signature Selection
Signature selection festival and Christmas season-learn how to make a fruit cake baking skills and how to achieve beautifully smooth marzipan and icing. Classic and novelty decorations will also be demonstrated and practiced to create a stunning center piece for your Christmas table or any occasion.
Sebastien Bouillet
(Gourmet Pastry Chef)

Sebastien Bouillet (Gourmet Pastry Chef)

Fine Selection of Petite Gateaux ()

This workshop will take you through a the classic series of delicacies from the famous “ Le PETIT GATEAU” Melbourne. Understand how chef Pierrick Plan his menu , his philosophy behind designing and upgrading his pastry shop products.

An eye opening workshop for aspirant pastry shop owners , Pastry Teachers , Pastry Chefs and Students.

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Pierrick Boyer is based in Melbourne Australia , as Executive Pastry chef at RACV new landmark headquarters, August 2004 and open le Petit Gateau Patisserie in July 2007. (

Pierrick has a wealth of International experience spanning 21 years in hospitality and dining, working along side some of the worlds most international renowned Chefs such as Alain Ducasse, Christophe Michalak, Pierre Marcolini and Stephane Leroux.

He will be Taking Workshop on the fine selection Pastries and Cakes from Le Petit gateau , Melbourne. It will be a 2 days hands on Workshop, 1-2 nd Nov , 2015.

Driving to achieve perfection in his field Pierrick joined the Ritz Carlton in Boston, in 2002 .Before joining RACV and head hunted by former Executive Chef of RACV City Club, Pierrick worked for a 14 months at the Plaza Athenee in Paris as Sous Pastry Chef, under Christophe Michalak, *Quote* an Amazing experience. (

Pierrick has received many awards and recognition through his career- In 1996 Pierrick won the honorary award for the most creative sugar work in well renowned South Western Regional Pastry Chef competition.

Emmanuele Forcone
(World Pastry Champion)

Emmanuele Forcone (World Pastry Champion)

Sugar Display
Sugar Display- Students are introduced to various sugar techniques such as pastillage, saturated sugar, pulled sugar (e.g., ribbons and flowers), blown sugar (spun, piped, bubble, straw) to create three-dimensional shapes, and poured sugar to create a variety of showpieces. Students will use a given theme to design and build a sugar as well as a chocolate showpiece.
Angelo Musa

Angelo Musa (MOF)

Signature Selection Plaza Athenee
Signature selection plaza athenee- revisits the great classic of French patisseries without ever losing sight of the perfect balance required between flavours and textures
Christophe Morel
(Master Chocolatier)

Christophe Morel (Master Chocolatier)

Bean to Bar and Panning Chocolate
Bean to bar and panning chocolates- talk about chocolate - from growing cacao and issues related to sustainability, to processing, production and flavor in chocolate making, to the recipe work that leads to delectable products created by chocolatiers
Chocolate Sculpture and Modelling
Chocolate sculpture- You will discover and practice the new modeling technique of cold emulsion, working with chocolate as you would clay. You will use a knife and learn to carve your showpiece
Johann Martin (Executive Pastry Chef)

Johann Martin (Executive Pastry Chef)

Advanced Petit Gateau for Pastry Shop
Advanced Petit Gateau- learn a style of pastry that encompasses all of the elements of an entremet or mousse cake (varying textures, flavors and components), but in an individual portion
Advanced Entremet for Pastry Shop Adv Entremet- Learn how to make a modern French pastries with different flavorings.
Arnaud Larher (MOF)

Arnaud Larher (MOF)

French Pastries and Cakes
French Pastries and cakes- learn how to make some French rich pastries with a filling of fruit or custard.
Jean Francois Arnaud (MOF)

Jean Francois Arnaud (MOF)

Dessert Buffet, Petit Fours and Savouries
Dessert buffet, petit four and savory- Learn the tricks to creating delicious Petit Fours and savoury with this exciting hands-on class. Learn the different types of Petit Fours. Jelly, buttercream, mousse, ganache and glazing.
Sebastien Chevallier (MOF)

Sebastien Chevallier (MOF)

Artisan Breads and Sourdough
Artisan Bread and Sour dough- Learn how to incorporate the science behind the chemical reactions of the ingredients and use them to create the most optimal environment for the bread to develop.
Toni Rodriguez (Vegan Chef)

Toni Rodriguez (Vegan Chef)

Vegan and Eggless Desserts
Vegan and eggless- vegan chefs will introduce you to some wonderful vegan ingredients and guide you in your quest to master Vegan Baking. From chocolate nutty cookies to sticky toffee puddings
Frederic Hawecker (MOF)

Frederic Hawecker (MOF)

Chocolate, Praline and Candy Making
Chocolate, Praline - In this class you will make individual chocolates and pralines in an assortment of flavours. Learn about chocolate theory as well as basic techniques to creating moulded and enrobed chocolates.
Joaquin Soriano (Head Chef)

Joaquin Soriano (Head Chef)

Nouvelle French Pastries
Nouvelle French Pastries- Be amazed with new trends of French Pastries and learn different techniques of assembling.
Martin Lippo (Molecular Cuisine Chef)

Martin Lippo (Molecular Cuisine Chef)

Advanced Technique in Pastry Molecularly technique in Culinary- incorporates the social and artistic components Focused on food production on an industrial scale, nutrition and food safety.
Molecular Technique in Culinary Molecularly technique in Culinary- incorporates the social and artistic components Focused on food production on an industrial scale, nutrition and food safety.
Han Lei (China National Senior Technician)

Han Lei (China National Senior Technician)

Bread Display
Bread Display- Learn the technique of building and sticking different part of your display
Joakim Prat (Pastry Chef)

Joakim Prat (Pastry Chef)

Art of Exclusive Eclairs
Art of exclusive eclairs- Learn different eclairs filled with varied delicious creams and decorated with various toppings to create the most stunning visual treats.