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ASIA PASTRY FORUM 2022 - Registration Form
Section 1: Personal Details
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Martial Status
Section 2: Emergency Contact
Section 3: Programme Preference & Pricing
TOTAL Workshops to Attend and AMOUNT to PAY (USD) :Participants are permitted to choose 4 packages of workshops


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Based on the TOTAL Workshops selected ABOVE, now choose the Date and the Workshop (Class & Chef) that You Would Like to Attend:

4th - 6th Nov 2022
7th - 9th Nov 2022
10th - 12th Nov 2022
13th - 15th Nov 2022
Section 4: Accommodation
Section 5: Payment Terms
Payment Methods
Section 6: Terms & Conditions
  1. To make a reservation, please pay 25% of deposits.
  2. Deposits paid are NOT REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.
  3. Fees are acceptable in US Dollars.
  4. Coffee/Tea will be provided.
  5. Chef Jacket(s) & Apron(s) will be provided depending on the number of workshops. Advisable to bring your own complete chef uniforms.
  6. For International participants, please apply for your own visa in advanced before the start of the program.
Terms & Conditions Agreement

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